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Though she had trained in ballet since she was 4, Jenny Thomas had never seen the lindy hop.
8 million tons, though a 1% drop is expected from '99 levels.
The gross evil unleashed upon the world by the Nazis, though by far the most popular example of genocide, is still contested by those who believe it to be a hoax.
Though the light colored acacia honey offered no protection against browning, the darker honeys did.
Even though commonsensical Americans are not going to stand for being coerced out of their cars any time soon, the anti-car and urban planning nostrums of the idealists are achieving axiomatic status.
That doesn't really matter, either, though, because one of departing HCFA Administrator Bruce C.
He had been complaining of weakness for some time, but when no clear medical basis for his complaint was detected right away, the reaction of the Astros' management and the Houston media was to attack Richard for dogging it, even though Richard had been among the league's leaders in innings pitched for several years.
Though Catholic institutions were as good as the poorer public or private non-Catholic ones, the best of these latter far surpassed their Catholic counterparts in academic standards.
To keep the weight off, though, make it five or six days a week.
Though the frontier process produced Turner's "new product that is American," the new American, this distinct character still mutated from "European germs" (Turner 32).
But the designs do not give much hope that he will be able to inject much decency into life, even though he uses humanistic arguments to justify his approaches: 'If there is to be a "new urbanism" it will not be based on the twin fantasies of order and omnipotence; it will be the staging of uncertainty; it will no longer be concerned with the arrangement of more or less permanent objects, but with the irrigation of territories with potential; it will no longer aim for stable configurations but for the creation of enabling fields .
Though essentially plotless, what gives Downtime momentum is the character's desperate attempts to forge some kind of human connections.