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I remember the UK before Europe and although everything wasn't hunky dory, at least we had borders and let in who we thought fit to benefit the nation.
In the 70s and 80s we were quick to stand on picket lines outside our factories for whatever cause we thought fit at the time.
To the idiots, who thought fit to shout 'jump', let's hope this never happens to a friend or relative of yours.
That was money which had been given to Wales to spend as we thought fit and it should be returned to us so we can make use of it.
lt;/p><p>Unitholders at the meeting will be asked to consider and, if thought fit, approve the issuance of units of Brookfield Infrastructure in connection with the companya[euro](tm)s proposed merger with Prime Infrastructure.
For each year, a facsimile of the official award is presented, identifying the winner and the jurors, and reproducing the report on how the decision was made, or any other comment the jury thought fit.
It is appalling that the council has thought fit to undermine us and our colleagues in the voluntary sector.
Simon Butler, for Ms Cameron, said she did her best to care for him as she thought fit.
The board's ruling went even further, concluding that Coun Lines had a right to freedom of speech, could express his views as forcibly as he thought fit and could be abusive as long as he kept within the law.
What does it say about the United Nations," commented British human rights agitator Alex de Waal in Rwanda's aftermath, "that not a single official thought fit to resign over the first indisputable genocide since the UN Charter was signed?