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for the purpose of considering and if thought fit passing the following resolution which will be proposed as an ordinary resolution:-
To consider and, if thought fit, pass the following resolution as anordinary resolution :
None of the complainants thought fit to report any of these matters over the last three to four decades.
A keen bowler, Doug left a bequest to the club in his will to be spent as the committee thought fit, and it was eventually decided to replace the existing scoreboards.
For sheer cheek, however, the Alcester curry house owner who thought fit to drive the 20-odd miles into the city to dump the waste from his restaurant takes the biscuit (Mail, January 22).
Everyone could just chose the one they thought fit best.
As a regular denigrator of my point of view when I had a column in The Journal, I asked him a question then which he thought fit not to answer.
Though he traveled much, Cistercian monk Bernard (1090-1153) never visited the Holy Land, so he was free to envision Jerusalem as he thought fit.
What does it tell us about the UN," asked British human rights activist Alex de Waal, "that not a single official thought fit to resign over the Rwandan genocide?
I FIND it incredible that the schedulers have thought fit to take Nice Guy Eddie off after just one series.
The directors of CFS are expected to meet this week to review the Guosen fairness opinion and the report of the Independent Committee and to consider and, if thought fit, approve the proposed transaction and the amalgamation agreement.
00 BST) in Dubai to consider and, if thought fit, to approve the ordinary resolutions set out in the AGM notice dated 27 May 2015.