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During a time where everyone thought little of them, they did what was still viewed as almost impossible.
One woman said she heard screaming from a back alley but, again, thought little of it because such occurrences were quite common.
As a male, married Catholic, I thought little about abortion until the bishops had talked of denying Communion to presidential candidate John Kerry.
If no deal is struck it is thought Little Chef could place its property arm into administration separately to give the retail business a chance.
He had no personal style (and thought little of those who have), but approached each new project freshly, seeking input from site, topography and users.
Here are some questions we thought Little Ant and Dec might ask the Prime Minister:
For years I had heard about the evils of the "liberal media" and thought little of it.
Speaking at his family's home in Kelty, Craig said his brother thought little of George Bush and his reasons for going to war.
At first I had no idea what was wrong and thought little of it,' said the former Leicester City battler.
Hartenstein thought little of Blevins' claim until minutes later.
Like Amos, the Hebrew prophet who thought little of the rich Israelites who were publicly pious while privately greedy, Hauerwas says: "The God that's prayed to [at the breakfasts] is such a vague God that it's very hard for me to see how it avoids idolatry.
Alberto Garcia Alix is a veteran photographer whom the art world had thought little about up until a few years ago.