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I managed to help draw a few holes but couldn't finish off even one all the way to victory and I thought little Stan would throw himself into the lake after his ball sailed into the water as he kicked it between holes.
Jenny, 35, from Southport - not her real name - thought little of it when her husband took a nude snap of her getting out the bath.
Enda given paws for thought little girl and "life-changing for the family".
I thought little of it until next morning, when it looked like something you'd see in a Tom and Jerry cartoon had Butch the bulldog run amok with a mallet.
Doctors thought little Jasmine Carr would die when she was born with one side of her heart badly damaged.
Bono thought little of throwing himself into the crowd or performing acrobatics so dangerous any self-respecting stuntman would have thought twice about them.
Most cleaners were female and part-time and were thought little of, claimed Daphne Romney QC, who is representing some of the claimants.
His 47-year-old mother Tracey Shaw, who works as an accountant, thought little of the name when she picked it for her first child.
I also thought Little Gaffer [third behind Ten Large Down] ran an absolute blinder, the only shame is that they are in together in the semis.
During a time where everyone thought little of them, they did what was still viewed as almost impossible.
It is thought little Natasha's fund lost out on nearly pounds 2,000, because of the council's charge.
As a male, married Catholic, I thought little about abortion until the bishops had talked of denying Communion to presidential candidate John Kerry.