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This she had thought nothing of, though she was surprised when he did not join her later in the afternoon, when she went down to the beach.
At first I was thinking shocking, but then I thought nothing surprises me these days.
His last act at Liverpool was to leave them so squarely in the lurch they thought nothing of shelling out PS35million for Andy Carroll when we all thought nothing was a more appropriate fee.
The local woman thought nothing of the encounter in October last year but shortly afterwards had a call from a woman claiming to be from the DHSS telling her to withdraw pounds 5,000 from her bank and someone would collect it from her home.
I thought nothing of it and assumed my son-in-law had picked it up.
I was shellshocked when he got beaten in the Dewhurst because I thought nothing could beat him" Food for thought Jimmy Fortune's remark that it is easier to win on a green horse from the front as they will naturally quicken when a horse comes to challenge Eyecatcher The Fortune-ridden Clockmaker, who was a slow-starting, fast-finishing second to the well-regarded Bridge Of Gold at Newbury
This reprobate of a woman thought nothing of claiming thousands of pounds in benefits in the name of her dead baby Jack.
The 46-year-old thought nothing of ordering himself some donuts half naked but a member of staa reported him for indecent exposure.
Natalie always thought nothing she could say would ever have any interest.
Reactionary elements leading the Israeli cabinet thought nothing of killing militant Palestinians leaders.
Although I was not even a Catholic at that point, I thought nothing of going down to Philadelphia in the rickety CW truck to picket and pray with my friends in front of the bishops, generals, and military officers processing into the cathedral.
HAVING had loved ones caught up in both the Warrington and Manchester IRA bomb blasts, my thoughts go out to everyone in London at this difficult time, and indeed across the country as they try to make sense and go on after last week's horrific terrorist attackI would also like to put into print my praise for the emergency services who as ever thought nothing of thesmselves and were there in an instant to help the injured and dying.