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One has to admire his pugnacious speaking qualities, but after his gushingly sycophantic adoration of Saddam Hussein on Iraqi television - one of the most evil living tyrants, who thought nothing of torturing to death thousands of political prisoners, gassing whole Kurdish villages for daring to seek a modicum of freedom, pursuing Marsh Arabs into impoverished exile and even murdering members of his own family if they crossed him - one has to question his motives.
The helicopter commander heard the call but thought nothing of it.
Freer trade is going to create new markets where we thought nothing existed," he said.
I tom the dealer it was too expensive at this time and thought nothing else of it until they sent me an email telling me it had arrived.
Although, when you think about it, it was pretty amazing that something like 20 million people thought nothing of tuning in every week to watch the adventures of a couple of gay boys in the big city.
In the days of the studio system, producers thought nothing of ordering multiple drafts from different writers.
Back in the mid-1800s, scientists thought nothing could exist in the ocean's depths.
PGS directors and managers thought nothing of promising worker pensions they had no intention of paying and awarding promotion and raises to the substantial white-collar workforce whimsically and randomly.
A former FDNY battalion commander, his is the harrowing true story of an American hero, a man who thought nothing of himself and gave nearly everything for others during one of our nation's darkest hours.
WHEN he went to sea at the age of 13 in 1790, George Hodge probably thought nothing of noting his experiences in a journal, complete with illustrations of the ships he sailed in.
Like Tommy, who died last Thursday aged 51, she had a telltale itchy freckle, but thought nothing of it until she remembered Tommy's story.
We thought nothing of wasting the odd tape by putting a gag in.