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Plastic bags empty and water bottles, tins, cigarette packets all thoughtlessly discarded.
He said: "Revellers have thoughtlessly left behind masses of cardboard boxes, bottles, cans, spent fireworks and rockets, barbecue trays, carrier bags, food wrappers and goodness knows what besides.
Mena responded not with understatement (how much great British music are we missing when we thoughtlessly dismiss it as "pastoral"?
I thought that passengers would be swept far away and fall into trouble if they evacuated thoughtlessly without wearing lifejackets.
And from the wings steps the sobbing father, the man who thoughtlessly and casually fathered dead 21-monthold Kieron Barley with Louise Barley, then returned to Hampshire, never once wondering if the obliging Louise was pregnant.
She discussed the values that underpin the code (respect, integrity, partnership and trust) and how easy it is to ignore those values when engaging thoughtlessly in social media activities.
NECC members in the construction industry like Esh Group and Surgo have successfully highlighted the danger of thoughtlessly placing public contracts with large national contractors.
The result, however, was not the screed against Nazism that many expected, but a somber look at what Arendt called the banality of evil-the notion that horrifie acts are the result not of monsters but of ordinary humans who thoughtlessly follow orders and refuse to reflect on the consequences of their actions.
It is a premature statement when you claim that "I thoughtlessly embarrassed many of the family and friends of this elderly lady".
She threw out the playlist and thoughtlessly said that since it was her last day she could not be told to play out songs of other people choice.
Then we are told that Morris Dancers are thoughtlessly dancing in the dark.
If merely scheduling an event is already done thoughtlessly, then I can only imagine what other bigger tasks are there to be dealt with in order to have a succesful football.