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She discussed the values that underpin the code (respect, integrity, partnership and trust) and how easy it is to ignore those values when engaging thoughtlessly in social media activities.
NECC members in the construction industry like Esh Group and Surgo have successfully highlighted the danger of thoughtlessly placing public contracts with large national contractors.
It is a premature statement when you claim that "I thoughtlessly embarrassed many of the family and friends of this elderly lady".
She threw out the playlist and thoughtlessly said that since it was her last day she could not be told to play out songs of other people choice.
In plenary, the political groups unanimously expressed the view that legal clarity is needed and that the Commission had acted thoughtlessly at the very least, irrespective of the substantive issue - for or against gigaliners - on which there promises to be debate.
Thus, value-addition within the country is thoughtlessly discouraged in significant measure.
Then we are told that Morris Dancers are thoughtlessly dancing in the dark.
If merely scheduling an event is already done thoughtlessly, then I can only imagine what other bigger tasks are there to be dealt with in order to have a succesful football.
He said those words as he stormed out of the house into the small garden, heading almost thoughtlessly to the shed that sat in the farthest corner away from the house.
When clippings of these batsmen playing Akhtar are available, the media thoughtlessly went on to get comments from Board of Control for Cricket in India officials like Rajiv Shukla; and Shukla even demanded an apology from Akhtar
Even if the cyclist acted thoughtlessly or broke the law, that doesn't place him beyond moral consideration.
Whether we thoughtlessly entered Iraq is one thing; carelessly withdrawing from it is quite another, however.