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And one by one, sooner or later, according to their native strength and to the good or evil of their wills in the beginning, they fell under the thralldom of the ring that they bore and under the domination of the One [.
This would mean, among other things, less indulgence in theory and more study of history; less thralldom to ideological thinking and more attention to the murky and elusive depths of human life.
Even so, Nasser emerged from the 1956 War as something of a hero among African-Americans for "standing up" to British and French imperialism during a time when most of Africa was still in colonial thralldom.
National shame, remorse, reprisals, broken lives, civil strife, and a new thralldom to materialism either of the capitalist or communist sort.
Rix's readings of Blake are very helpful in showing how Blake's antinomianism and enthusiasm come together, how his image of a "Rebel Christ" (34) evolves, and how typical his reading of the American Revolution will become, as a revolt against spiritual thralldom more basic than any other kind.
She begins to piece things together, since it is over now, she says, this thralldom, this "curious 'condition,'" what she had called early in the poem her "last desperate charge/non-escape.
Bart is the "straight-shooter," trying to plan ahead (a home, a family), but forever blinded by his utter thralldom to Laurie, who only wants "Action
From thralldom to substance and quiddity, Bacon, "like Moses, led us forth at last," wrote Abraham Cowley, the Royal Society's first laureate, in an ode of 1667.
Here he remained about eighteen months, when he broke entirely from the scholastic thralldom imposed on him.
Nowhere else on earth are so many people, roughly 15 percent of the population, relegated to such perpetual, hereditary, and religiously sanctioned thralldom.
The derivative development discourse remains embedded in the imperialism of economics, thralldom of money, growth fetishism, and historical and cultural determinism"(p.
An identical "crime" was committed by two Whites and one Black, but the sentence meted out to all three (thirty lashes) was nothing compared to John Punch's sentence of a life of indentured servitude because of his race, while Victor and Gregory only received an additional year of indentured thralldom.