threatening harm

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Its object is the supply to the gendarmes and police tear containers of small and medium capacity to be able to control immediate way an individual or group of individuals without threatening harm the health of the individual or group, or to health the police or gendarmerie.
The court heard how a 999 call was made from the family home where there was a disturbance and he had a knife and was threatening harm.
Whyte told Mr Young that he and Ms Anderson had also found emails threatening harm to his youngest daughter and himself, written by Hagan.
TOKYO - Prosecutors have released a man who was arrested for sending an e-mail message to a kindergarten threatening harm to Prince Akishino's son and other preschoolers in late August, amid suspicion a computer virus that enabled control by a third party may have been involved.
This is the closest the firefighter has been to a horse, much less one threatening harm.
10) Conduct is to be regarded as threatening harm if it endangers legally protected interests, or threatens legally protected social values.
I don't want to trivialise it by calling it bullying but it was extremely serious bullying by threatening harm.
Fortunately, of the remaining third that caused injury, 32 percent resulted in only temporary harm, less than 1 percent in permanent or life threatening harm and less than .
Among the errors that reached patients, the majority (67 percent) caused no harm, while the remaining third caused injury (32 percent temporary harm, less than 1 percent permanent or life threatening harm, and less than 0.
Currently it is a felony to perpetrate a hoax like falsely claiming there is a bomb on an airplane, and it also is a felony to communicate in interstate commerce threatening harm to another.
In his best-known political manifesto, On Liberty, Mill undertakes to defend the "one very simple principle" that neither private individuals nor the state may justifiably interfere with someone's liberty unless that person is threatening harm to another.
In other words, the ordinance did not distinguish between innocent conduct and conduct threatening harm.