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But in the circumstances, hard up against the white tiles, the inflamed and bloodshot eyes bearing down upon you, the dilated nostrils, the saliva bubbling on parted lips, three of four brownish teeth visible - the apoplectic whole held threateningly only inches away (the dimly-lit lavatory is also empty apart from your assailant who has followed you in there) - what do you do?
We see Susan pleading with police to get involved after three men stand threateningly outside her house.
26mins: Arsenal loanee Akpom breaks threateningly, but shoots wide.
Top secret NSA documents published on the Intercept, however, state that Israel targets the US government for invasive electronic surveillance, and does so more aggressively and threateningly than almost any other country in the world.
Both England players told match referee David Boon that Jadeja had turned threateningly towards James Anderson, and the latter had acted in self defence.
Both the G and Sky have rejected concerns over threateningly low viewing figures in the first four live matches of their new broadcast deal.
It was alleged that he produced a penknife with a two inch blade which he waved threateningly.
But there is one forbidden doll, a glass cased adult's investment, who exerts an ominously and threateningly foreboding presence: a figure as is later revealed closely related to the death, probably the murder, of a young girl in the late nineteenth century.
But a 40-minute video of the incident released by the justice department showed the Taiwanese vessel had not acted threateningly but only tried to escape before the shooting started.
He even demanded that Syrian refugees become eventually bottled up inside their camps out of a phobia that they might threateningly turn Jihadists bent on destabilizing his regime and that of Assad's.
Unemployment, which also grows threateningly, must also be tackled," said Oresharski.
So, they began gesturing threateningly and, we're sure they thought, articulately.