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At such times her running mates flashed their teeth and growled threateningly across at each other.
She took the rabbit from him, and while the sapling swayed and teetered threateningly above her she calmly gnawed off the rabbit's head.
Lady Montbarry lifted her hands threateningly, with the long, lean, yellow-white fingers outspread and crooked at the tips.
Discovering that I was a stranger, he lifted a thick cudgel that he carried with him, shook it threateningly, and called to me in his own language (as I gathered by his actions) to stand back.
But both the Lion and Tiger snarled so fiercely and bared their strong, sharp teeth so threateningly, that the men drew back in alarm.
I want to tell you again, Hump," he said threateningly, "that you'd better leave things alone.
Island House, the 6-4 favourite, was a willing accomplice and as Right Wing loomed threateningly found a little more when asked by Roberts to land the spoils by a neck.
Fateh Field, a ready winner of a Newbury maiden last season, made his return in a similar event to this at New market recently, where he was sent off favourite and moved threateningly for much of the way before eventually collecting third.
7 before the final fence, when he loomed up threateningly.
Banksy spokeswoman Jo Brooks said, 'The Israeli security forces did shoot in the air threateningly and there were quite a few guns pointed at him.
That now hauntingly -even threateningly -familiar new title Capitalof Culture could soon have us all listening to new music rather more often in the years to come.
At the other end Craig Russell pushed into the box threateningly in 26 minutes, and his left foot drive from an angle needed a fine diving save from Marco Ruitenbeek.