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The Americans shot dead the innocents who were on their farm to thresh bundles of manually harvested wheat crop," said Muhammad Saber, who lost five sons in the attack.
Back in the 1950s, farmers used to get together for a weekend each fall to thresh grain and show off the comparative prowess of their favorite tractors.
The Worm Compost": Tonight, in the black box of our storage closet/a lack box of plastic records our eating habits/ in a soggy thresh of newsprint, an exquisite text/ of worms and leaves and PH balance you upset/once every couple months to parse our future/through clues in the much: cairns of sheep shit/or entrails in a soothsayer's dish, you predict a parliament of annelids to get us back to nature.
Andrew Thresh, the hotel's general manager, said: "We feel that as a conference venue, with our new facilities, The Village is unique in the region.
While modern combines efficiently harvest, thresh, separate, and clean grains, the expensive mechanisms for performing these operations can bring the total purchase cost to $250,000 per combine.
Thresh tracks customer interactions, quality management/ corrective actions, sales actions, and marketing actions even though they haven't been completed.
They put thresh on them when they got wet and slippery, but often the thresh would slip outside.
In "no place" in the gallery will art be shown: Instead, an ambitious program of talks and discussions will thresh out ideas about art's role in the twenty-first century.
The apple-scented blossom, The new-mown grass so fresh Reminds me of long country walks, The corn in fields to thresh.
Before you wrench the joystick out of your teenager's over-active, hand, think of Thresh.
One case in point is the proposal to raise the appraisal thresh old level from $100,000 to $250,000 It is a shortsighted solution that could result in disastrous consequences for everybody including lending institutions, depositors," stockholders, home buyers, and taxpayers.