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grains are separated from ear cobs; threshed grains are separated through the mass being threshed and the concave grates; and the entire mass being threshed is transported over the surface of the concave toward the straw walkers.
Thresher TH2 might had threshed the crop uniformly and, therefore, chopped the wheat straw uniformly which would have been easy for the fan blower to separate the straw from grain.
Traditionally, chickpea is threshed by manual beating of plants with stick, or trampling under the hooves of animals or under tractor wheels, which is not only labor intensive, tedious and time consuming but also causes damage in form of bruising of seed coat or splitting, resulting in low recovery (Sinha et al.
After the grains are threshed out pull off the hardware cloth, sweep the grains up, and winnow.
But on the Iowa frontier you still cut wheat with a cradle and threshed it with horses or a flail.
From the header, the crop is conveyed by a feeder house to a conventional cylinder and concave where it is threshed.
As of December 15, 2017, grain and leguminous crops were threshed from the area of ?
He refused to say what were the issues against the current Senate leadership, except saying that they were 'petty' and are being threshed out already.
LAHORE -- Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), Punjab has advised the farmers to preserve harvested wheat and threshed straw as shower associated with dust-storms may occur in most parts of the province during the current week.
During the period evening dust-storms will be common in Punjab and KP, the farmers should not leave their harvested wheat unbound and threshed straw uncovered.
That was the first and last time I ever heard of watermelons being threshed for their seeds.