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Statistical model to estimate a threshold dose and its confidence limits for the analysis of sublinear dose--response relationships, exemplified for mutagenicity data.
The threshold dose for corneal damage in mammals for 300 nm has been reported to be 30-80 mJ/ [cm.
1) It is not clear whether there is a minimal threshold dose at conception, although it is clear that the developing embryo is extremely radiosensitive during the preimplantation phase (days 0 to 8).
To obtain a better understanding of the surfactant adsorption, both the untreated photoresist film and photoresist layers processed with the threshold dose, baked and developed (in the following simply named "exposed resist") were characterized by various methods.
It should also help to define the L-DOPA threshold dose in individual patients.
The mean prednisolone threshold dose of partial responders significantly (p<0.
Its lead product, AMR-001, for the prevention of major adverse cardiac events following acute myocardial infarction (AMI), has completed Phase I clinical trials demonstrating feasibility, safety and biologic activity at a threshold dose.
In comparison with stochastic effects, deterministic effects are a greater cause of concern in diagnostic radiology as they occur above a certain threshold dose.
They may or may not occur, after a long delay, at a rate nearly imperceptible above baseline, with or without a threshold dose.
We found that the coefficient of variation (CV) of the suprathreshold dose is smaller than the threshold dose significantly (Table 1).
On the positive side, in 3 of the 13 studies that also looked at the close-dependent effects of valproic acid, the threshold dose to cause malformations was about 1,000 mg/day, which has been reported over the past few years.