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Then I took the stats from 1973 and 1974 - two pretty good years in which I was second and first in the Cy Young voting - and I put them on computer cards and cross-tabulated the type of hitter with the first seven pitches that I threw to him.
After two weeks of training in drills as a freshman, Giuffre threw 105 feet the first time she touched a discus.
We threw four routes in our 3-step package: the Fly, the Stop, the Slant, and the Four Verticals.
The first day he threw the javelin once, it went further than everyone else all day and he exited stage left.
Charls threw for 221 yards on 14-of-20 passing, including a 26-yard touchdown to Salcedo in first quarter.
Brown threw 103 pitches in eight innings and allowed seven hits and one walk and struck out three.
Gagne, who declined an interview request before the game, threw 40 pitches in a two-inning stint Wednesday, then came back to earn saves the next two nights and threw 17 and 16 pitches, respectively.