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Shahen Ali, of Elford Place West, Leeds, threw down a parking ticket and drove off in Fenkle Street, Newcastle, on October 31 last year.
He connected on seven 3-pointers, scored 12 points in the last 61/2 minutes as the Lakers finally put away the Celtics and threw down a savage windmill dunk with 1:40 left to cap his one-man show.
The role of architects in respect of all this can be significant in two ways: first, in thinking about cities as a whole (this year's Venice Biennale threw down this challenge), and second, in considering (at the level of the individual building and neighbourhood) what represents smart thinking for long-term futures.
Bartie threw down back-to-back tricks and good lines throughout the park; Busenitz went fast as hell, snapping ollies over every mogul and styling back Smiths; Benji Galloway had tricks everywhere and of all variations; Caswell would have been a main contender, but he jacked his ankle during practice on a frontside air disaster low to high; and Colin Provost made the contest with a golden ticket and deserved to be in the mix.
When they "bang" the pole with the ball, they will know that they threw down the middle--the feedback to the thrower is immediate.
But they were amazed when the cyclist threw down his bike, approached Mr Batchelor's car and punched through a window, showering him and terrified 12-year-old daughter Nicole with glass.
Leeds rhinos maintained the British domination of the Carnegie World Club Challenge with a 39-32 victory over Canterbury Bulldogs and then threw down the gauntlet to the Australians to play host.
I threw down my knapsack and towel and let the leafy overhang of a scrubby birch tree shade my face.
He roared on his rider while watching the race on TV then angrily threw down his newspaper when his gee-gee was pipped on the line.