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Shahen Ali, of Elford Place West, Leeds, threw down a parking ticket and drove off in Fenkle Street, Newcastle, on October 31 last year.
He drove for a layup on his first possession back, buried two 3-pointers from 26 feet and threw down the dunk on Green that left the crowd gasping.
My husband tooted at me to move out and the next thing I knew, the bloke threw down his bike, went to the driver's side of the car and just punched the window out.
Things can change quickly on the Fibresand and when Hucking Heat threw down an unexpected challenge just before the furlong marker, there was only going to be one winner.
Young threw down an alley-oop pass from Gabe Pruitt to give the Trojans a 54-44 lead with 10:57 remaining.
Since Robbie Brockel threw down the winning move pretty early in the event, everyone had a good 25 minutes to step it up however they could.
The North Wales-based company threw down the gauntlet to competitors to follow its example and make the UK GM-free by the end of 2000.
Summary: Headteachers threw down the gauntlet to a new Government today, announcing they will refuse to administer national curriculum tests.
Erik Swoope put an exclamation point on the rout when he threw down an emphatic one-handed dunk over Brooks with 43 seconds left on the clock, prompting the Wolverines fans to break out in a thunderous ovation.
Little Nyjah chomped up every rail, including the big boy one which he threw down a fourth place feeble on.
With more than 500 supporters cheering, Writers Guild of America, west, President Patric Verrone threw down the gauntlet to the major media companies Wednesday morning.
Midway though the second half, Carney grabbed an offensive rebound, threw down one of his monstrous dunks and ignited the crowd of 19,596.