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Unknown suspects riding motorbikes threw hand grenade at a house in Shehbaz
They said that two people wearing burqas, traditionally worn by Muslim women, threw hand grenades into the church in Chianwali village, located near the city of Sialkot, some 150 kilometers southeast of Islamabad, while an evening Christmas service was in progress.
People were forced into their homes when the groups threw hand grenades and fired rockets at each other.
According to police sources, people were standing on the corner of the road when unidentified miscreants threw hand grenade at them.
Police said that 21-year-old outlaw first threw hand grenade Dilawar Khan, Head of Adezai Peace Lashkar and later tried to run towards him in order to explored himself.
Sources said that the assailants threw hand grenade on a house located in New Mianwali colony in wee hours.
According to details during Sunday midnight terrorists threw hand generates on the residence home of volunteer of Peace Committee Gulab Khan in Tehsil Safi of Mohmand Agencies .
According to police, unidentified miscreants threw hand grenades inside school building where young students gathered for assembly resulting in injuries to three who were shifted to Lady Reading Hospital in critical condition where one student succumb to injuries.
According to media reports, unknown men threw hand grenade on Government Primary School at the time when the students were playing during break timing.
Ayub Khan and his brother Latif Khan exchanged hot words over property dispute when one of them threw hand grenade on the other.