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In the 1988 World Cup races, Picabo Street landed too far back after a jump and threw off her--This caused her to crash into a fence, shattering her --, or thighbone.
Right-hander Brad Penny threw off a mound for the second time this spring and again reported no pain.
Donnelly making progress: Reliever Brendan Donnelly threw off a mound Friday for the first time since breaking his nose and undergoing three procedures on it, and Scioscia sounded more confident than ever his set-up man can return by early or mid-May.
Odds and ends: Right-hander Kevin Brown threw off a mound for the second consecutive day and experienced no problems.
Brown climbs hill: After three days of playing catch, Brown took a significant step when he threw off a mound for the first time since September.
On Saturday, he threw off his jacket - something he said he's never done - after one of four charge calls that went against CSUN in the second half.