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There are various services in place that will help residents to become greener and thriftier, based on the principles familiar to our older residents.
No doubt many worry about adequate savings when they head into retirement, but with household net worth currently higher than it was for generations of Americans before the 1980s, there is little reason to assume that American households are about to become thriftier.
Next-generation treatments that tip off spy cells in the body with general ingredients from the lab could be thriftier options, she says.
Mum Knows Best - with its "Exceedingly Helpful Household Tips" - harks back to a thriftier, gentler time, when people needed to know HP Sauce brought a see-yourface-in-it shine to brass doorknobs, or that stained white leather came up a treat with a dab of toothpaste.
His book urges readers to take a better look at the source of our larders, to view our green, sprinkler-watered lawns with an eye toward permaculture and food plants, and to become thriftier with water and less wasteful generally.
The former Tory chairman boasted his super-scrooge package would: "Show there is a thriftier and smarter way to use taxpayers' money in the future.
For a thriftier gas and budget point, thereAAEs the brand-new 3.
59); and that native title agreements are 'faster, thriftier, wiser .
So find thriftier ways to do what you want when you want to at this time.