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48) Maybe it was an ocean admirer, or perhaps it was someone in the kitchen thriftily contemplating a way to repurpose fish skin.
Land trusts' special strengths are their ability to negotiate and complete acquisition projects quickly and thriftily, something that towns are typically not very good at, Truesdell noted.
If, as I argue later, BRB-need rose and fell at some sites, the unneeded bowls might well have been thriftily recycled.
9 Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench (Damien Chazelle) The exceptionally promising first-time director also wrote, shot, and edited this ebullient, thriftily made 16-mm black-and-white musical romance, set in Boston's struggling but vibrant jazz scene.
5) He stated that people can draw upon this thriftily over a long but uneventful existence or exhaust their supply in the course of a stressful, intense lifestyle.