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CRIME and thrillers are Wales' favourite book genre, the list of the most borrowed library books revealed today.
Players wanting to take part in the November Thriller game this Friday can buy their tickets now in the bgo bingo lobby for just 5p each.
Thriller was named most influential pop video ever by a MySpace poll two years ago, and topped a Billboard poll of favourite videos from the 1980s last August.
The problem that plagues Cinematic Emotions throughout its opening seventy-eight pages is the near complete refusal to acknowledge that academic examinations of horror films and thrillers exist outside the field of phenomenology.
Sci-fi thriller sequel, with David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.
Sci-fi thriller sequel, with Milla Jovovich and Oded Fehr.
Filipino prisoners who shot to global fame with their recreation of Michael Jackson's classic Thriller video are preparing their own tribute to the King of Pop.
Alfred Molina who has held many roles in motion pictures narrates a fine masterful thriller co-written by some fifteen thriller masters and telling of a former war crimes investigator Harold Middleton, who possesses a previously unknown musical score by Chopin.
Acclaimed author Dorothy Parker co-wrote this excellent Hitchcock thriller about an American munitions worker in the Second World War, who is wrongly suspected of sabotage when an arms factory burns down.
Mind Control: A Brad West Thriller" is the second novel in the series of thrillers about Psychic Brad West.
A gimmick movie that's light on details and heavy on overwrought style, "The Number 23" is a psychological thriller guaranteed to tick off anyone whose IQ is over the threshold of the title number.