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But, that's not all -- there are thrilling rides like the hair-raising monorail ride where Polly[TM] actually goes upside down.
I was there the night before the opening," says the 57-year-old actor, "at the very final preview, it was very thrilling.
Cedar Point Sandusky, OH Max height: 91 m (300 ft) Max speed: 80 km/h (50 mph) Max G-force: 4 G's Ride time: 45 seconds Thrilling fact: The idea to build Power Tower popped into the designer's head as he played with his nine children, tossing them in the air
Then they can graduate to the faster, more thrilling rides at some of the other Southland parks.
The ride itself is not only thrilling, but theme park junkies agree that it boasts "one of the best queues ever," winding through an intricate castle that builds the suspense.
It's nothing short of thrilling, up until the end, when Jackson feels obliged to send off his characters with a pile-up of endings, all of which are nicely done and, in fact, told far more concisely than in the book.
Olympic greats have demonstrated serves as a thrilling inspiration to all of us and we wanted to honor them as we unveiled an attraction that provides incredible thrills of its own," said Black during the ceremony.