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Earnshaw agreed, though with a heavy spirit, for he said - 'Hindley was nought, and would never thrive as where he wandered.
Pickup still do a tolerable stroke of business (making bright modern masters for the market which is glutted with the dingy old material), and will, probably, continue to thrive and multiply in the future: the one venerable institution of this world which we can safely count upon as likely to last, being the institution of human folly.
In Chiloe, where the kelp does not thrive very well, the numerous shells, corallines, and crustacea are absent; but there yet remain a few of the Flustraceae, and some compound Ascidiae; the latter, however, are of different species from those in Tierra del Fuego: we see here the fucus possessing a wider range than the animals which use it as an abode.
400 miles still further northward, I may mention that in Chiloe (corresponding in latitude with the northern parts of Spain) the peach seldom produces fruit, whilst strawberries and apples thrive to perfection.
Tree-ferns thrive luxuriantly in Van Diemen's Land (lat.
You may suppose, that having now lived almost four years in the Brazils, and beginning to thrive and prosper very well upon my plantation, I had not only learned the language, but had contracted acquaintance and friendship among my fellow-planters, as well as among the merchants at St.
WHERE IT THRIVES Full sun; Sunset climate zones 8, 9, 14-24.
thrives on lots more brilliant people applying their skills for nothing.
All these programs have their work cut out for them--the electronics industry thrives on obsolescence.
Each description of a plant includes its scientific name, the zone where it thrives best, and its color varieties.
The silky, silvery leaves of Silver Spear (Astelia chathamica), an unusual New Zealand plant that thrives here, too, offer striking contrasts.
Timothy Egan's upbeat article, "Oregon, Foiling Forecasters, Thrives as It Protects Owls," in the October 11 New York Times, was heartening to anyone who cares about having both a healthy environment and a healthy economy.