thriving economy

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They're expected to grow by another 20% next year and more spending and sales equal jobs and a thriving economy.
9 billion demanded by them because of our thriving economy.
The hospitality industry in the Holy City of Madinah is witnessing remarkable growth due to a rise in religious tourism as well as the thriving economy.
The result is a thriving economy, despite global economic unrest.
We want world-class education, quality healthcare and a thriving economy.
We want world-class education, quality health care and a thriving economy.
Cities also need to be conscious of how they use that space, to provide breath-ing room and to support a thriving economy by ensuring the quality of potential use.
If we implement the above plans, we could very well be nailing the proverbial con of the hither to thriving economy known as Kings Heath High Street, not to mention its surroundings and numerous thriving side roads.
With more college graduates, we open the door to a thriving economy, and more vibrant communities.
Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin stated : "East Anglia has a thriving economy and I want it to be served by the best train services possible.
Good nutrition is the foundation for healthy life, stable and sustainable existence and thriving economy.
Voters are to decide a Democratic primary contest between Governor Neil Abercrombie, who has a thriving economy on his side, and state Senator David Ige who has surged to a double-digit edge in polls despite raising less campaign cash.