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They thronged, however, to the now open door, pressing the lieutenant-governor, in the eagerness of their curiosity, into the room in advance of them.
The sun arose while we proceeded, and, when we had once again reached that most thronged mart of the populous town, the street of the D Hotel, it presented an appearance of human bustle and activity scarcely inferior to what I had seen on the evening before.
The populace thronged the avenues of the law courts in particular, because they knew that the Flemish ambassadors, who had arrived two days previously, intended to be present at the representation of the mystery, and at the election of the Pope of the Fools, which was also to take place in the grand hall.
Thousands of good, calm, bourgeois faces thronged the windows, the doors, the dormer windows, the roofs, gazing at the palace, gazing at the populace, and asking nothing more; for many Parisians content themselves with the spectacle of the spectators, and a wall behind which something is going on becomes at once, for us, a very curious thing indeed.
Motors and carriages, omnibuses and hansoms, were all jostled together in a block; the pavements were thronged with a motley and ever-hurrying crowd.
He raised his eyes from the ghastly object of his attention and saw himself the center of a crowd of men and women dimly seen; the room was thronged with them.
His reed pipe when applied to his lips gave out no melody, but a dismal wail; the sylvan and riparian intelligences no longer thronged the thicket-side to listen, but fled from the sound, as he knew by the stirred leaves and bent flowers.
So beautiful she was that the flowers about her feet folded their petals in despair and bent their heads in token of submission; so sweet her look that the humming birds thronged her eyes, thrusting their thirsty bills almost into them, and the wild bees were about her lips.
Owing to the scorching heat, large number of Swatis, including students, youth, and other who wanted to cool down their body temperature thronged the small canals near the river Swat and swimming spots at Mingora bypass and Fizaghat while the centre of attraction was Mingora bypass passing through near the city.
PESHAWAR -- People thronged polling stations on Saturday afternoon to exercise their right of franchise to elect their representatives for next four years.
Egyptian expatriates residing in the UAE thronged their diplomatic missions on Saturday, the third day of the historic presidential elections 2014 to select their upcoming president.
The stations were thronged with hundreds of people to have their moment of glory and travel with the 45- year- old man who was going to become their new Chief Minister.