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There are different functional dependencies available, which describe the flow capabilities of the throttle valve.
Electronic air throttle industry import/export consumption, supply and demand figures and cost price and production value gross margins are also provided.
Conventionally, a motor for valve opening and closing, paired with a sensor to detect the valve opening and closing angle, were needed for both the air intake throttle valve and EGR valve.
is the difference between the inlet and the outlet pressure on the throttle level, K is the pressure loss coefficient of the hydraulic
Full Throttle also made changes in its membership structure.
It then operates the throttle butterflies to achieve that in the most efficient way - balancing feel, emissions and relative safety with maximum performance.
3 Try to "feather" the throttle as you reach your cruising speed.
Rather than control the throttle valve directly, the throttle cable on Yamaha's new, pounds 7,400 R6 operates a sensor whose signals are read by the engine management system.
The launcher's driver L-Bmdr Benjamin Rook had revved up the vehicle's engine with the hand throttle ( when it was stationary but in gear ( causing it to lurch forward and hit L-Bmdr Wilson.
The old Tomcat required a lot of "seat of the pants" feel to fly the jet well, as opposed to the Super Hornet, which utilizes control-by-wire technology in which computers analyze stick and throttle positions and send digital commands to the flight control surfaces.