throttle down

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The town is planned to manicured perfection, even the aircraft out of John Wayne have to turn the throttle down as they pass over for fear of disturbing the natives.
The R6 has twice as much power as the other two bikes, but then you only go as fast as you put the throttle down, don't you.
Armor up and throttle down for the game's five-episode "Story Mode," which runs a gauntlet of challenges ranging from "Race," "Rampage," "Eliminator," "Shooter" and "Boss Battles"-featuring a mix of shooting and racing.
In addition, it includes active power management to throttle down the clock in high heat system conditions and reduce the clock when not active.
She put the throttle down and the car just moved forward.
Be careful to throttle down at the top of each rep so the bar doesn't jump off your shoulders or out of your grip.