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Nice mouthfeel, throttled back sweetness, just right," said Mark Szamatulski.
She throttled back on me and horses only do that when they are sore.
Suppliers have not throttled back on production and Burns says inventories are building.
Brown, in just his seventh first-class match, reached his ton from 117 balls, but he then throttled back as Goodwin, with four sixes and 12 fours, raced to the 63rd first-class hundred of his prolific career off only 83 balls.
A series of models like the C1, C3 and C5 paid more than nodding respect to the opposition and throttled back on the wacky aspects of the marque.
It has also closed two offices, one of them in Preston Brook, near Runcorn, and has throttled back on land purchase and construction activity.
In late September, Citation announced plans to eliminate 18% of its workforce and shut down its Lufkin, Texas, metalcasting facility, a plant it had previously throttled back to half-capacity.
The kingdom had throttled back on supplies even before it signed up to an Opec deal earlier this month to reduce output above the group's targets, industry sources said.
As public sector spending was throttled back in what is expected to be a tight impending Comprehensive Spending Review, areas such as the North-East, with a high reliance on taxpayers' funds, would feel the pinch without a strong services sector to compensate, Mr Burrell said.
MGM throttled back its ad and production spending in 2004 as it prepared to be engulfed by Sony; Disney put Miramax on a tight leash.
Schumacher romped into the lead from pole and was nearly a minute clear of his nearest rival before he throttled back to conserve his engine.