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Domestic PVC demand was up 9% in first quarter, while plant operating rates were throttled back by suppliers to the low-to-mid 70s.
XtremIO(TM) all-flash array customers, offering one million dollars to the first customer that can prove their XtremIO system's inline data services have switched off, been throttled back or defaulted to a "system garbage collection" state.
It has also closed two offices, one of them in Preston Brook, near Warrington, and has throttled back on land purchase and construction activity.
announced it will eliminate 18% of its workforce and shut down its Lufkin, Texas, metalcasting facility, a plant it had previously throttled back to half-capacity.
But I throttled back with my driver when that has been the strongest part of my game in the past.
Once at the test altitude, the turbofan engine was throttled back to support five-sixths of the vehicle's weight, simulating the moon's gravity.
This is brought about because the design of Nuneaton's inner ring road system has the effect of bringing traffic right into the town centre and is further throttled back by the presence of two large supermarkets filtering traffic directly off it.
The company has said some of the 3,800 permanent staff at the site will be moved to plant maintenance and training while production is throttled back, but none will be made redundant.