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The FTC alleges that AT&T, despite its unequivocal promises of unlimited data, began throttling data speeds in 2011 for its unlimited data plan customers after they used as little as 2 gigabytes of data in a billing period.
Whether he intended to uncover a dark underbelly of the mobile industry, or to promote T-Mobile's services or his own firmware, many note that the practice of "correcting" throttling also has its downside, and that many customers are unaware.
Between the BIOS update and the new power adapter, the throttling issues are resolved according to Dell.
Several ISPs have already admitted to throttling P2P Internet traffic.
10, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- OakGate Technology, the leader in test and validation platforms for storage and servers, announced the addition of IO Throttling capabilities to its test and validation platforms.
The viscosity of these high throttling compounds is, however, reduced to such an extent that even with the high but short restrictions of the flow cross-section, adequate throughput and processing become possible.
The graph in figure 2, reporting results on an MCT 150, emphasizes the effects of throttling to the purpose of keeping down the extrusion-temperature and thereby achieving a very respectable output.
One immediate application is shutting down virus-infected ports recognized by ProCurve virus throttling software or by third-party IDS/IPS systems;
IDG's Bio-IT World magazine and IDG World Expo today announced that products from four bio-IT companies were named Best of Show Awards winners at a ceremony held here last night at the Hynes Convention Center during Bio-IT World Conference + Expo: The winning products include Virus Throttling for ProCurve Switch 5300xl series from ProCurve by HP; KDE 2.