throw off

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It's time to throw off the shackles of new Labour and reveal the real Labour.
When people take drugs that cause the brain to produce unnaturally large quantities of dopamine, it can throw off the brain's own ability to produce this chemical.
But where Pulse documented Holi--a springtime Hindu street festival in which people splash dyes and pigments all over themselves and one another, marking a chance to temporarily throw off caste identity- the colors in Volta in fact signal allegiances and clarify oppositions.
Insisting that 'America and Europe must throw off old suspicions and realize our common interests with Russia," the president proudly noted that following his summit in Moscow, he and heads of state from other NATO countries would travel to Rome to "meet as equal partners with President Putin at the creation of the NATO-Russia council.
But with her superbusy schedule, does Taormino--who, in her blackrimmed glasses and flip hairstyle, looks like a prim cinematic secretary about to wildly throw off the specs and shake out her hair--actually have time to .
First, she had to dash straight out of the shower (hence the cap), then the only thing she could find to wear was the throw off her sofa.
It starts with flexibility and freedom, the desire to throw off authority and live autonomously.
But in order to cast off the blinders that hamstrung humanity throughout the Dark Ages, great men like Galileo, Gutenberg, and Magellan not only had to throw off the weight of the Past, but had to teach future generations to also throw off the weight of the Past, even though the Past now included great men like them.
Healthy societies do not throw off a constant succession of new groups.
Savings have also been made by exploiting building form to throw off water, so reducing lengths of rainwater pipe and gutter.