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Now a Boston inventor, Steve Hollinger, has come up with the Squito, and he may have made the best throwable camera yet.
D Tilt Sensor 187 Delta ePatch 188 Echowell Bicycle Computer 189 Imac ECG Patch 190 Jonas Pfeil Throwable Camera 191 LAPIS ML61004xx Microcontroller 192 Macro Sensors HLR Series LVDT 193 Meggill Sensing Automotive Sensors 194 Systems University of eButton 195 Pittsburgh Xsens MVN Capture System 196
The Dragon Egg (a throwable wireless camera) has a low-light capability and is primarily used for static site security or viewing small, hard-to-access areas.
Washington, August 23 (ANI): South Korean defense forces are using small, lightweight throwable "smart grenades" that allow their troops to peer over walls, climb stairs and kill enemies from a distance via remote control.
Type IV throwable floatation device (personal flotation device)
In addition, we had to buy registrations and stickers for both sides, a navigation and anchor light, life jackets, flares, first-aid kit and a Type III throwable flotation device," Baron said.
Life jackets/PFDs--this one's a no-brainer; one per person, plus a throwable.
The three winners plus ten runners-up will also receive a Petsercise kit, which includes a Petplan Petometer, a Petplan Petsercise guide which recommends the number of steps each breed of dog should take per day, an extendable lead and throwable toy.
Now there's a UFO Night for soft throwable objects, and Squirt Gun Night for kids to blast away at folks in the pool.
In this constantly changing sculpture, the body of the artist was transformed into a colorful landscape of paper snowdrifts-- kickable, throwable, even edible, if you're feeling up to it.
In case you have not heard yet, Type IV throwable devices are no longer allowed as a substitute for life jackets.