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My husband has a good memory; the clay pigeon thrower was remarkably similar to the Winga--and the discs included with the Winga were near replicas (except for being made out of a rubbery material, rather than clay) of his old targets.
The meeting is for all age groups from under-11 up to masters, but there is some added interest for the youngsters, as all athletes who enter four events will automatically be put forward into a "throwathon" to decide the best throwers across the disciplines.
World champion javelin thrower Nathan Stephens and his bride Charlene Beard PICTURE: PRINTS OF WALES PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICES
There would be a significant a difference between the Throwers and Jumpers on the level of aggression.
To address this question this study first examined whether elite line-out throwers share any similarities in throwing technique during a match specific throwing accuracy task.
As a result, the support the throwers get is not as good as the sprinters.
Lean forward and point your shotgun toward one of the throwers, then signal for the thrower to toss a dummy.
I've got to know a number of Germany's leading hammer throwers and it was suggested I go out and train with them," said Webb, who still intends to compete for Trafford and the City of Edinburgh clubs when in this country.
I will cover the ways we use it with the beginner or intermediate thrower first.
89m to win silver behind Scottish junior champion Mark Dry and beat a strong field of Croat and Hungarian throwers.
The men's team is led by Matt Hanley, who will compete in the shot put, discus and hammer throw, SoCal javelin winner Nick Bawden, two-event qualifier Eki Faagi, and hammer throwers Tom Jester and Robert Hogan.
Besides clay targets, Glen's Army Navy Store also inventories the throwers shooters need to use them.