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In netball we practise several types of passes which need to be thrown accurately in order to get the ball into a position for the shooters to score a goal in a bid to ultimately win the game.
You dance with the girl who brung ya, you don't change horses in mid- stream and when thrown for a curve, by all means: damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.
Always anticipate the ball being thrown in the dirt.
The way I handled that situation was I was going to be aggressive, I wasn't going to let him get in a count where he could dictate what he wanted to do,'' said Erstad, who hit the first pitch thrown.
Any ball or strike received by the catcher is placed in the bucket beside him--not thrown back to the pitcher.
It is thrown under defenses, gets the ball to the outside fast, and creates open-field tackling situations for the defensive backs.
Lima had thrown a remarkably-economical 109 pitches, including five in the third inning and six in the fourth.
In the eighth inning Tuesday, after he committed a two-run error in right field and had a bottle thrown at him, Bradley walked over and slammed the bottle into the first row of seats near the foul pole.
Just think: 95% of the most important pitches they make in a game are thrown from the stretch.
It was the second consecutive year that Hoffa, who competed as the ``Unknown Shot Putter'' in 2003 with a wrestling mask, has thrown a career best at the Home Depot meet.
Ball is thrown to 2nd base and then 1st for the double play - with 1st baseman returning ball to catcher.
The five-step drop reduces sacks, as the ball can be thrown within 2.