thrown away

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Any man who fails to obey his new General will be promptly thrown away.
Them careless imps, the Mohawks, with their Tuscarora and Onondaga brethren, have been here slaking their thirst," he muttered, "and the vagabonds have thrown away the gourd
Pictures of life, scenes of passion or sentiment, wit, humor, and pathos, were all thrown away, or worse than thrown away, on Clifford; either because he lacked an experience by which to test their truth, or because his own griefs were a touch-stone of reality that few feigned emotions could withstand.
He has thrown away,' said she, 'such a woman as he will never see again.
Argument is thrown away upon him; and pity is better reserved for some person with a livelier faith.
But a sprat is also thrown away sometimes in order to catch a whale.
Not food from dustbins, I hasten to add, but food that would have ordinarily been needlessly thrown away by companies and restaurants.
The food most commonly thrown away was from the bakery, followed by fresh fruit and vegetables and convenience items like pre-packaged sandwiches and salads.
Batteriser lets you tap into the remaining 80 percent of energy that is usually thrown away.
Look into any trash bin in any neighbourhood at any time of the day and you're more likely than not to find food thrown away.
As Brits prepare to stock up their fridge freezers ahead of the festive season, a new independent study released by Samsung Digital Appliances reveals that a quarter (25%) of Brits end up throwing out food at least once a week because it has ended up at the back of their fridge freezers and they have forgotten about it, amounting to Au437 worth of food thrown away a year.
Of the 248 million turkeys that were sold in the US last Thanksgiving, about $282 million worth of turkey was thrown away.