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So if this was true why were they being thrown together for three glorious nights?
In a world where all animated cartoons coexist, eight characters from differing genres are thrown together in a Real World-style house.
A young female veterinarian seeking to make her plance among stubborn ranchers, and a horse trainer struggling to cope with the loss of his wife and infant son ten years ago, are thrown together by circumstance yet must work together to find their place in the show ring and among the many hurdles of their professional and personal lives.
They are thrown together by fate after a case Bosch is working on for a friend overlaps with the FBI investigation into a new series of gruesome deaths.
Lines hastily thrown together with a sort of jittery, automatist flair form more or less absurd "con-figurations": sketchy figures, both elegantly drafted and shapeless, in fantastical scenarios.
Even the most casual viewer will see that the programme-makers have deliberately thrown together contestants with severe personality defects and a bucketful of tinderbox prejudices.
The Team Approach, which is part of Toastmasters International Quality-Centered Management Series, reveals that sometimes teams fail because they are thrown together as a result of timing issues, office politics, or other reasons that are not necessarily well thought out.
With it open and orientated east-west, almost the whole space is thrown together as a spruce-lined studio cavern, with the kitchen separated to the south.
She may not be the coolest girl in school, but when she and the reckless class hottie are thrown together for a school play, romance blossoms.
In Giselle, Diana Vishneva and Vladimir Malakhov didn't look like partners simply thrown together for a festival performance, but more like a completely formed duo whose artistic creativity was beautifully displayed.
and the promise is shallow ("How can these strangers, thrown together with me, become good friends?
While awaiting his execution in a prison in Iron City, he is thrown together with a group of black and white communists who had been jailed on charges of election law violations.