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I think that because I'm the oldest, I got a lot of responsibility thrown upon me.
The only light on the beach was thrown upon them from the stars above and the moonlight that shone on the sea.
Widely considered as the greatest batsman to play the wonderfully nuanced sport of cricket after the great Sir Donald Bradman, Tendulkar will walk out with the biggest support ever thrown upon a single man -probably in the entire world.
It was a scenario that was thrown upon us because of George's injury and we will see how he get's on.
that it comes to lie at the right height, so that the bottommost part may putrefy all the sooner, which does not occur so readily when it lies scattered here and there; which is why the haybale, which the livestock drags about in the yard, or otherwise crumbles up, ought to be repeatedly shoveled together and thrown upon the manure pile, especially during rainy weather or when the farmhands have nothing else to do: for the thinly scattered hay will only slowly turn to decomposed manure, because it is mostly dry and consequently lacking in the requisite dampness.
Muscat: The Islamic Republic of Iran is committed to working towards peace and stability in the Gulf region but it will not be bogged down by bullying or threatening tactics thrown upon it," Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hossein Amir-Abdollahian stated on Sunday.
I think that we can deal with pressure when it is thrown upon our shoulders," Walcott said.
There were no polls or surveys or e-mails mentioning any changes to the bus schedule, this was thrown upon us less than a week before school started, and those of us who rely upon the bus to get us to class on time were completely thrown for a loop.
tapestry thrown upon the floor of a nomad's tent, and the
To so arrange that these masses shall not only be thrown upon the decisive point, but that they shall engage at the proper times and with energy.
In order to make their channels and print copies more amusing, songs are played, cartoons made and aspersions thrown upon people's integrity.