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The thrust fault occurred after the deposition and lithification of the Visean Windsor Group, and most likely took place during the Alleghanian orogeny in the Late Carboniferous to Permian.
Besides the thrust faults, there are strike slip faults which are under the influence of basement faults in Khuzestan province.
Thrust faults do so when one block pushes upward over another, as if moving up a ramp.
What's more, the amplified shaking only threatens regions close to thrust faults.
Gold Reef's geologic mapping program has identified at least one, and possibly more, mineralized low-angle thrust faults similar to the drilled zones throughout the entire eight mile length of the Paleozoic outcrops within the Gold Reef/Newmont area of interest.
The Paleozoic basement is likely part of the siliceous "Upper Plate" Vinini Formation package that lies beneath surface volcanic rocks, and above the Roberts Mountain Thrust fault package that separates the Vinini from "Lower Plate" sedimentary rocks.
Scientists believe a blind thrust fault, among those that until now were thought to cause no more than a 7.
In the process of tracing this fault, Hauksson discovered the other buried thrust fault.
These rocks appear similar to those hosting the Lone Star zone, and occur in a similar structural setting above a gently dipping thrust fault.
The major geological structures in this area, are Reshte mountain anticline (with the north west to southeast direction) and Lahbari thrust fault.
McGuire and his colleagues are concerned that much of the stress may be accumulating on the undersea thrust fault to the east.
Holes 15 and 16, drilled from the same setup, intersected highly altered and faulted rock thought to be related to a low angle thrust fault which underlies the main Lone Star zone at depth.