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Never was so unfortunate a product of English rule in India more unhappily thrust upon aliens.
I WAS horried to read in the Coventry Telegraph (February 27) that Coventry is in such a desperate state that we are having as many cuts thrust upon us.
I'm not involved as much in the initial scouting and the information gathering as perhaps a manager might be, but certainly I wouldn't be in a situation where suddenly a few players are thrust upon me that I don't know and that I wouldn't like to have in the squad.
We should allow them space to grow into it, maturing at steady pace, not to have additional responsibility thrust upon them.
Every man and his dog knows the formation was thrust upon you by circumstances, not your wizardry.
Through the war years I've seen vessels camouflaged but can't recall seeing anything like the garish design that has been thrust upon her.
3, Some texts are born literary, some achieve literariness and some have literariness thrust upon them.
For current managers who would like a handbook, and for people in industrial control who would like to move into management or who have had management responsibilities thrust upon them, he discusses managing the foundation of a control systems organization; managing the project implementation of control systems; and managing the installation, maintenance, and auditing of control systems.
With the baggage thrust upon his shoulders -- thanks to his birth as a Gandhi -- Rahul Gandhi, India's inadvertent prime minister in-the-making, thrust himself into the spotlight with a high-profile TV interview on Monday.
When do we as motorists get a say in the road layouts that are thrust upon us?
Similar to the poll tax introduced by another Tory Prime Minister in the 80s, only this time around it is thrust upon local councils to implement this act of threatened enforcement.
The so-called war on terror was thrust upon our region and it is the enemy's attempt to pit us against each other to achieve its ulterior motives," he maintained.