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To be sure I had passed through what I may call a paroxysm of Alexander Smith, a poet deeply unknown to the present generation, but then acclaimed immortal by all the critics, and put with Shakespeare, who must be a good deal astonished from time to time in his Elysian quiet by the companionship thrust upon him.
Without even a thought for his own safety, or the possibility for escape which this rapid series of fortuitous circumstances had thrust upon him, Tarzan of the Apes answered the call of the woman in danger.
When he wanted dinners, no one gave them to him, and now that he could buy a hundred thousand dinners and was losing his appetite, dinners were thrust upon him right and left.
The next day it was a dog, even dirtier and more forlorn, perhaps, than was the kitten; and again Miss Polly, to her dumfounded amazement, found herself figuring as a kind protector and an angel of mercy--a role that Pollyanna so unhesitatingly thrust upon her as a matter of course, that the woman--who abhorred dogs even more than she did cats, if possible--found herself as before, powerless to remonstrate.
Saying this, he compelled us so to square our positions that we might receive from the far-off fire a dull ray to show us the text of the lumber he thrust upon us.
Instead of a straight Christian message however, I was appalled to hear the minister thrust upon us a torrent of green propaganda - and old-time environmental indoctrination at that.
It was the way the fee was thrust upon the city's homeowners solely because a new situation arose and City Hall saw a new way to squeeze money out of taxpayers.
It is the same with the post office closures, the fishing quotas, immigration, renewable energy, I could go on for ages listing the EU rules that have been thrust upon us.
The present bin collection system is a knee-jerk reaction to large amounts of unwanted waste which are still thrust upon purchasers.
IN the event the Government does not follow the excellent example of the Irish Government and ban all smoking in public places, it remains a fact that about 1, 000 nonsmokers lose their lives every year due to having the ill health effects of the smokers activity thrust upon them.
Her letter states that ``If the North Wales AMs had bothered to leave their cosy offices, visited their constituencies and listen to the people who put them in their jobs, we would not be having this gross new building thrust upon us.
Given the choice, what do you suppose our troops would rather have thrust upon them, toilet paper or the Minister?