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The proposed methods are developed using a configuration matrix describing the layout of thrusters in the propulsion system.
Horses who go well on Equitrack tend to have a good cruising speed, and The Thruster fits the bill.
A substantial number of vessels serviced in the Zvezdochka Baltic Sea shipyard are expected to be equipped with thrusters using Flowserve technology.
During the tests, the OMAC thrusters were fired in a vacuum chamber that simulated the space-like environment at an altitude of 100,000 feet.
large azimuth thrusters to the world's largest construction vessel,
SHIP thrusters made in the North East and fitted to vessels sailing all the world's oceans are being held up as an example of British engineering excellence.
On the electrodes surface, which is injected by a current into sea water, will appear some electrochemical effects, which are not suitable for a good thruster working.
Racing up with the pace, The Thruster challenged a furlong out and ran on well but failed by half-a-length to catch Sweet Charity.
When a thruster forces gas out the back of the ship, for example, the escaping gas exerts a reaction force on the ship, pushing it forward.
MCGREGOR, Texas -- Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) successfully completed a rigorous qualification of its new Draco spacecraft thruster and Draco propulsion tank at the SpaceX Test Facility in McGregor, Texas.
The thruster was developed under NASA's Evolutionary Xenon Thruster (NEXT) Project at NASA's Glenn Research Center in Cleveland.
In the case of a thruster, for example, the operational mode controls, start, stop, speed and direction; the diagnostic mode gives a health check and allows interrogation of parameters such as power, temperature, hours run and vibration; the update mode allows new control software to be downloaded to the thruster when updates are available and new features are introduced.