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Intermediate jacks may be required to distribute thrusting force when installing long-distance concrete pipes of 100 m or more, because of the limitations of the concrete pipes to withstand greater loads.
The progressive decrease in the age of thrusting from north to south within the Himalaya defines a foreland-propagating fold-thrust system.
The east-west trending segment ofthese Ranges along MBT owe its evolution to frontal ramping from basal decollement thrusting within these Jurassic-Eocene rocks and emerged in the form of a Thrust named here as Peeran Tangai Thrust Fault (PTTF); the major thrust fault which is interpreted to have an active back-thrust associated with it.
In the first phase detachment folding along Eocene evaporites had accommodated horizontal stratal shortening which is superimposed by vertical crustal telescoping by thrusting emanating from basal detachment.
These ranges represent the western part of the northwestern Himalayan Foreland Fold and Thrust Belt and formed by progressive south directed decollement-related thrusting of the Indian Plate during the ongoing collision between Indian and Eurasian plates following the convergence of the Kohistan Island Arc (Stocklin, 1974; Stonely, 1974; Molnar and Tapponier, 1975).