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The post The real reason Washington calls Putin a thug appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
How many more times are we going to read of a judge allowing a bully and a coward, such as the recent thug from Redcar who attacked a defenceless man for no reason whatsoever, come down on the side of the thug and not the poor victim?
The thugs in the Gulf are using lies and hypocrisy when confronted with the reality of their positions, justifying this by saying they do not care "whether the regime goes or stays.
The thugs set ablaze the tents at the center of the square and attacked the
ARMED thugs burst into a Merseyside store and terrorised three female staff members.
Our story of three thugs who beat up a man on a train, stamping on his head, were let off prison, angered readers.
Every Thug Needs a Lady/ Wahida Clark (Dafina/Kensington, $15, ISBN 0-758-21288-7).
As the thug analyzed his haul, Arruzza wrenched the robber's gun from his hand, grabbed a drill from his truck, and tried to hit the robber with the drill.
The first thug is described as just nine or 10 years old.
Once inside, one thug held him to the floor while an accomplice ransacked the house.