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While efforts by the British government following the Good Friday Accords of 1998 improved the prospects of peace, the IRA itself began to lose credibility due to the thuggish, even criminal, behaviour of many of its members.
Yob means a rude or thuggish young male, for those of you who don't speak British.
When he finds she and a thuggish boyfriend have been making money by selling his art and grabbing the credit, he kills her.
Outraged over the FDA's totalitarian ambitions and thuggish tactics, millions of Americans supported the 1994 legislation.
Most of Iraq's Shiite leadership is friendly towards the US-led coalition, though open warfare between Shiite groups broke out in Karbala last month, and followers of the young thuggish Shiite theologian Muqtada Al-Sadr are anti-coalition, though they continue to disavow violence.
03), isn't it time for both the magistrates and judges to come down very hard on such thuggish "scum".
We're not surprised by this thuggish behavior from the NBWA.
Some have said that she is trying to remake Tupac into the son she never had, emphasizing his artistic side over the thuggish side that landed him in jail several times.
After four days of thuggish bullying, bribery and only mild domestic violence, I warded off my extremely observant four-year-old until after the final putt had been sunk.
Ms Patel wrote: "The lady who works in the Witham Conservative Association office felt harassed, frightened and intimated when a thuggish gang of People's NHS campaigners came to our office.
While people are entitled to protest and air their views, the rights bestowed by democracy do not extend to thuggish behaviour.
THUGGISH 3 Anderson has twice turned violent days after leaving prison