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His throat was gripped, the thumbs shut off the blood from his brain, and darkness smote him.
He held up his two hands as he spoke, and showed that the thumbs and two first fingers had been torn away from each of them.
The Patriarch so much surprised himself by this brilliant turn, after Dr Johnson, which he had not in the least expected or intended, that he laughed aloud; and repeated with great satisfaction, as he twirled his thumbs and nodded at his youthful portrait, 'Paid to squeeze, sir, and must squeeze to pay.
Hop o' my Thumb,' and he has been making abstracts ever since.
Then she lifted her right hand, with the thumb pointed upward, and said:
Tom Thumb and Hunca Munca went cautiously across the hearth-rug.
Then Tom Thumb, seeing his father, cried out, 'See, father, here I am with the cart, all right and safe
Just to move it or not move it hurts, an' every little dab-feint that I'm too wise to guard, knowin' there's no weight behind, why them little dab-touches on that poor thumb goes right to the heart of him, an' hurts worse than a thousand boils or a thousand knockouts--just hurts all over again, an' worse, each time an' touch.
As he held the waxen print close to the blood-stain, it did not take a magnifying glass to see that the two were undoubtedly from the same thumb.
Now,' she said, 'put the ring upon the thumb of your left hand, and you will see how strong that hand has become.
I've got him here," he whispered, jerking his thumb over his shoulder; "he's all right.
There were beautiful butterflies, moths and strange bugs in the securing of which the scientist evinced great delight, though when one beetle nipped him firmly and painfully on his thumb his involuntary cry of pain was as real as that of any other person.