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The European Commission has given the thumbs-up for the Assembly's seven-year Objective One programme.
It's a boost to your ego when a little kid sticks his head out a window and gives you a thumbs-up,'' said Smith.
Both Olson and Pishioneri are smiling and flashing thumbs-ups.
Young girls follow in their wake, sucking in their cheeks, lips pursed for the perfect selfie pout, hint of cleavage on Add a cheeky hashtag and then it's time to upload to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and wait for the thumbs-ups, the likes, the admiring emoticons.
It's a week of financial thumbs-ups, with a sense of life opening out more as a result.
In the seat - currently held by Labour's Anas Sarwar - scores and scores of people walked past giving huge smiles and thumbs-ups to the canvassers.
Leading lab advocacy groups have both thumbs-ups and thumbs-downs for aspects of the Administration's proposed Fiscal Year 2015 budget.