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More than 16 organisations have signed up to the Wales#RefugeeWelcome thunderclap and as well as advertising the protest, they are hoping to cascade their policy asks around the UK and Wales.
30am by an almighty thunderclap, Montgomerie finally got back on the rain-soaked course at 7.
He said: "When the strike hit, there was a huge, loud bang, which I just thought was a thunderclap.
then a thunderclap heard by no one comes; then it is raining
Englund match was a head-turning marathon lasting nearly two hours, with thunderclap serves and superb volleying by both juniors.
Top of the pops when Apollo landed was, appropriately, Something In The Air by Thunderclap Newman.
Analysis of spinal fluid is essential for the patient with thunderclap headache to rule out not only CNS vasculitis but also subarachnoid hemorrhage.
Shoppers were startled by the thunderclap sounds of a section of the Egypt Court ceiling hitting the walkway.
At a time when the Bush administration and the expected Republican nominee, John McCain, are arguing that the answer to high gas prices and energy dependence is more drilling, Gore's vision is a thunderclap.
THUNDERCLAP Newman's revolutionary anthem Something In The Air sets the pace at keep fit classes for the over-50s in a Coventry day centre.
PETER BUCHANAN was seen to good effect when giving 20-1 Thunderclap a fine ride to take the 2m novice handicap hurdle.
Thunderstorms were blanketing the area, and the school system has a policy of refusing to allow children to go outside until at least 30 minutes after the last lightning flash or thunderclap.