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He said: "When the strike hit, there was a huge, loud bang, which I just thought was a thunderclap.
But this drama will not end when the thunderclaps of revelations finally cease and the most venal elected representatives are ousted.
We both heard a whooshing noise and then what sounded like thunderclaps but it was the chimney pot bouncing off the roof.
The air at Memorial Stadium might indeed be thick but less with anticipation than the expected thunderclaps.
Wuhan's weather bureau recorded 451 thunderclaps in a ten-minute period as the plane circled.
When Newman lifts her arms from her sides or crouches and jumps, thunderclaps of sound and violent flashes of light ensue.
Describe the sounds your baby hears, and talk about what makes them -- clock alarms, dog barks, thunderclaps, ambulance sirens.
But the pictures of forked lightening followed by thunderclaps was like the start of an old Hammer Horror movie.
If anything, they were annoyed by the constant thunderclaps of tear-gas guns being fired in the streets as they tried to nap in the afternoon.
As Torres - taking advantage of the intervention of the muddy pitch - spun to shoot left-footed past Robert Green, the sound just about eclipsed the thunderclaps that had provided a backdrop at the Bridge.
His lyrics are full of bizarre, poetic imagery - "I wish I had a horse's head, a tiger's heart, an apple bed", from Apple Bed is accompanied by what can only be described as computer thunderclaps.
He rigged up a water sprinkler and strobe flashlight system outside, with a large wooden drum to mimic thunderclaps.