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Consistently, thundery weather occurred over northern Namibia for much of this past week.
And Monday is just showers everywhere - some pretty heavy,possibly even thundery.
Weathercentre spokesman Michael Dukes said: 'The good news is that by the time of the match, the thundery downpours will be out of the way.
2(BNA): The Meteorological Directorate at the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications Ministry forecast an unstable weather with a chance of scattered rain, which may become thundery at times tomorrow.
The forecaster said thundery showers were likely to turn wintry, particularly in the North, with a few inches of the white stuff on high ground.
A Met Office "be aware" yellow warning of rain has been issued for heavy thundery showers lasting through the night and into today.
As the thermometer edges up to 27degC on Thursday there is some chance of thundery showers but these should be shortlived and the warm weather will continue into Friday.
Scattered heavy showers with the risk of some thundery downpours are likely to follow to similar areas during the afternoon.
We have lost the warm dry flow of air from the continent and instead the jet stream is over us again and heavy thundery downpours will give way to a cold Saturday night.
Thundery showers and hail are forecast over much of Britain by the Met Office and Mark Cornford, clerk of the course at Plumpton, where the going is heavy, hopes any rainfall will be light.
Areas of heavy and thundery rain moved northeastwards yesterday and into the early hours of this morning.
Typically, this week will still be wet with showers across the country, forecasters said, and heavy, thundery rainstorms in the middle of the week.