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He said this was just one of many attacks that Israel has thwarted throughout the world.
Coalition officials were in regular communication with Russian counterparts before, during and after the thwarted (enemy) attack," the official said.
If you look at the time between March of this year and now, yes there have been four terrorist attacks (in London) but there have been seven that have been thwarted.
The Syrian army thwarted the terrorists' raid on al-Ghajar-Kisin road in the Northern countryside of Homs.
Prison is an environment rife with thwarted belongingness and perceived burdensomeness.
For instance, when the autonomy of an individual is thwarted by the environment (e.
Attempts to infiltration will be thwarted and we will ensure that the infiltration, which is attempted, will be crushed.
The most intense of these trajectories, the process of disillusionment, is examined using a typology of behavioral responses based on the nature of the thwarted expectations, and the perceived availability of salient alternatives.
His quick actions saved the on-time departure of the ISR mission and thwarted a high altitude cockpit depressurization, ensuring pilot safety.
Summary: The customs clearance officers at Al Batha border with the UAE have thwarted an attempt to smuggle over 21,600 liquor bottles into the kingdom.
Canadian police say they have arrested two men and thwarted an alleged terrorist plot targeting a passenger train in the Greater Toronto Area.
But Mr Netanyahu also said Israel had thwarted similar attacks in recent months in Azerbaijan and Thailand.