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Metnor's chief executive, Stephen Rankin, said Ash & Lacy's decision not to allow access to its books for due diligence was thwarting its ambitious plans for the company.
Perhaps this thwarting of meaning most recalls the precision and deadpan, psychotic conceptualism of Charles Ray, one of Sietsema's teachers at UCLA, where the artist is in his final year of the MFA program (although he had shown in galleries before entering graduate school).
Rome -- Pro-life forces won a limited victory at the United Nations conference which set up an International Criminal Court (ICC) by thwarting the efforts of feminist groups to use the court to secure unlimited access to abortion worldwide.
The citation on the back of each medal read, "To (pilot's name) for his courage, valor, and airmanship in thwarting the hijacking and destruction of his aircraft.
Further study will determine whether thwarting osteopontin's effect yields new types of treatments for autoimmune diseases, but regardless, it is likely to lead to discoveries in a host of areas.
In a cover letter to Mr Lenihan, Fr Faul said he hoped the Ambassador "will cease thwarting our efforts in the cause of justice and peace in the north of Ireland".
Notification also stated that congregations of 'Eid Prayer' would be held inside Masajid and seminaries and directed to ensure tight security arrangements on the eve to avert thwarting incident.
But given that both organizations have spent decades fighting reform, it seems they may have something more nefarious up their sleeves, namely, thwarting charters through a combination of bureaucratic obstruction and smoke-and-mirrors PR.
Landau, however, contends that CEM15's natural role probably has nothing to do with thwarting viruses.
Instead, he contended, the task of thwarting hijackers should be left to federal air marshals.
Tiravanija succeeds by thwarting the curating of many of his objects: If his wok is not continually used it will rust or grow fungus; if his plants, his bamboo tree, are put into archival storage, they'll die.