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TICK, contracts. Credit; as, if a servant usually buy for the master upon tick, and the servant buy something without the master's order, yet, if the master were trusted by the trader, he is liable. 1 Show. 95; 3 Keb. 625; 10 Mod. 111; 3 Esp. R. 214; 4 Esp. R. 174.

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The fact that the Queen's 80th birthday cruise aboard the luxury Hebridean Princess is taking precedence this summer has not stopped Anne's plan to tick off a few more lighthouses.
Were University fund-raising programs producing the big bucks in such prodigious quantities that UWO could afford to tick off half the population in this way?
I got the American Queer as Folk calendar up in my office, and I tick off the days, which is just so bizarre and so marvelous.