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TICK, contracts. Credit; as, if a servant usually buy for the master upon tick, and the servant buy something without the master's order, yet, if the master were trusted by the trader, he is liable. 1 Show. 95; 3 Keb. 625; 10 Mod. 111; 3 Esp. R. 214; 4 Esp. R. 174.

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A police helicopter, ambulance crews, firefighters and a harbour officer struggled to locate her as the minutes ticked away and the tide rushed in.
After not taking a shot in the first eight minutes, Bryant could hear ``M-V-P'' chants in this city once so hostile to the Lakers as the final seconds ticked away.
But, as time ticked away, Andrew Biggs made a surging run, beating two attempted tackles, before feeding Ollerenshaw, who beat Garside.
Time has almost ticked away for the player who bought his or her ticket in Coventry on Wednesday, August 10.