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The boys were all eaten up with envy -- but those that suffered the bitterest pangs were those who perceived too late that they themselves had contributed to this hated splendor by trading tickets to Tom for the wealth he had amassed in selling whitewashing privileges.
Ticket-collecting is a slow business in the East, where people secrete their tickets in all sorts of curious places.
A ticket - a little tikkut to Umballa - O Breaker of Hearts
Give me the ticket," says Flashman, with an oath, leaning across the table with open hand and his face black with rage.
I'll give you five shillings for him," begins the boy who had opened the ticket.
I 've been dying to go all day, tried to get tickets this morning and could n't, been fuming about it ever since, and now oh, how splendid
Let me take your ticket and see your luggage labeled: I only ask leave to be your traveling servant.
The young gentleman, at the same time, offered tickets to Miss Nancy and her mother; but the good woman would not accept them.
We'll be impatient until you return with the tickets," said Christie graciously.
We buy tickets of her Mas'r, and she gives us bread for 'em.
And they counts my money and tickets, when I gets home, to see if I 's got the change; and if I han't, they half kills me.
Otherwise, we should have gladly profited by your kind offer of tickets for the ball.