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He has ticked over tidily so far and compatriot quick David Wiese took 5-30 to keep Barbados to 125 on Saturday.
The whole process of intensive farming, fearful animals standing in livestock markets and their terrible fate at abattoirs, usually results in tidily pre-packed meat in supermarkets.
Price simply got on with his task in hand and concentrated on riding his 300cc JST Road and Trial sponsored Gas Gas machine as tidily as possible.
Hutcheon said: "I've been playing quite tidily and feel I've a good chance of winning after finishing tied third in this event a year ago.
It is likely that sales records, not only for CIBS but for any Asian show, will be tidily beaten
We will get the job done as quickly and as tidily as possible.
Unlucky not to get on the scoresheet, Drennan did, however, create Ireland's winner, curling a superb cross to the back post which was tidily converted by Tottenham's Kenneth McEvoy.
Surely it can't be that difficult to place them tidily after they have been emptied.
60 with the bat and keeping tidily, many assumed he was just filling in for the injured B.
The politics that has delivered us to this juncture, at this time, has also tidily swept out of the way an important point regarding the Judeo-Christian traditions teaching about love; love comes with responsibility.
Ahern had only a couple of mounts and it was the second one that counted as the Gerard Butlertrained Beauchamp Viceroy (3-1) drew tidily clear in a tight four-runner heat.
Spray a little antibacterial cleaner on some kitchen roll, give the shelves a quick wipe over, and put everything back tidily.